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We’re glad you made it to our website. Farm Fresh Harvest is a U.A.E based farming company who sow and reap for your healthy future. We grow a wide assortment of premium herbs and vegetables, the kind which is seldom seen on the streets of our country. It’s not just about the rarity of our products that makes us special, it’s also the ingenuity that goes into harvesting them in Dubai. These seedlings are plowed and we enjoy the perks of watching them grow into these beautiful and healthy herbs. Much like the parents of a little infant, they need immense love and care, hygiene precautions and micromanagement are of paramount importance for these wonderful plants to nurture and grow.

Why Farm Fresh harvest?

As a nation, we are losing farmers at a rapid rate. Cheap and unfair food prices are one reason for losing farmers. Many farmers are also destroying our lands through the heavy use of chemicals and poor tillage practices.

By supporting us, you are contributing to a cause of training organic farmers and protecting organic farmland. Our vision has always been to push the envelope of fresh products in our markets.

Benefits of Farm Fresh harvest ?

We know what you’ve been thinking… It’s all sweet apples and candy but why should we choose Farm Fresh. We’ll tell you why…

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Healthy life

For all those health enthusiasts out there, we're the ones who genuinely look after you. Our fresh and untethered products are the prime reasons why you should choose Farm Fresh Harvest. A growing, dynamic fresh food sector will stimulate valuable changes that positively affect you.

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Pesticides are the actual pests

On an average, traditional farmers apply synthetic pesticides to their crops. The average serving of conventionally grown leafy greens and herbs contains three to four pesticide residues. These can affect children and growing individuals. fresh and genuine products are the only way to keep these pesticides at bay.

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Decrease your intake of unnecessary hormones and antibiotics.

All these synthesized foods have unwanted and harmful hormones that speeden the growing process. That's not how we do it! We wait the appropriate amount of time, with the proper growing techniques in order to deliver.


Because sometimes it needs to be tasty!

Its no rocket science that fresh has and always will taste better than falsely engineered products. We applaud your commitment for health, but sometimes it really is all about the taste. We assure you that our produce is not only fresh and safe, but is also one of the tastiest and most fragrant herbs out there.

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Diversity in uses

Most of our products are used in most households these days. Any household will have basil and lettuce sitting in their kitchens. But our quality is such that our products can be used by professional chefs in high rated restaurants for the best experience and taste.

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Easily available

Our veggies and herbs have seen all the markets out there. Be it grocery shops or local vendors, exporters or wholesale traders. Easy availability is somethig that we've always worked on and will continue to in the future.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the prime arrow in our quiver. Let’s take a closer look at hydroponics and find out how it works!

Look, no soil!

We’re so used to plants growing in fields and gardens that we find anything else completely extraordinary. But it’s true, not only will plants grow without soil, but they often grow a lot better with their roots in water or very moist air. Growing plants without soil is known as hydroponics. It might sound weird, but many of the foods we eat—including tomatoes on the vine—are already grown hydroponically.

   We all know that plants grow through a process of photosynthesis and there’s no mention of soil in this equation whatsoever. All they need is water and nutrients, both easily obtained from soil. One last thing, this method also happens to be very eco-friendly and produces a higher consistency or high quality produce compared to traditional farming.

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